Katie Carstairs

Katie Carstairs A friend asked me 12 weeks ago to join her on a journey/ 12 week challenge my initial thoughts were no way I can't do that!!! But I signed up anyway wanting to lose weight and improve my fitness levels as they were pretty poor !!!! There were so many times I could of thrown in the towel but matt was there with his constant encouragement and support!!! No matter how many times I said I CANT he said yes you CAN And I did, I have achieved so much in 12 weeks that I never thought possible. Matt really is what you want in a PT from his knowledge in nutrition to his outstanding training and drive to help people succeed in there goals !!! My 12 week challenge is complete today but now I want more because I know I can and that's all down to him Proving that if you want something you go get it and he will be there side by side every single step of the way!! So thank you Matthew smart fitness

Allister Matthews

Allister Matthews I've always had an ambition to go the the gym, but always thought no not today!! To busy! But meeting Matt changed all of that, his guidance and his motivation is exceptional and has made me want to burn the fat and bulk with some muscle which I have. I've just finished his 12 week plan which I must say anyone that is thinking of doing it please do!! You won't be disappointed, I'm also glad that I now have him as a friend and I will be using him for my training for the years to come.

Sam Strachan

Great guy! Very knowledgable.

Dave Locke

Dave Locke I'm making excellent progress with Matt. He trains me at my home, so I don't need a gym membership and he brings the gym to ME! I've lost lots of weight and feel better within myself! Thank you Matt

Paul Antonio Dowling

Great motivator, fantastic knowledge of fitness and nutrition and a great personality to go with it.

Neil Barlow

Last minute booking with Matt, and it was worth every penny, pushed me so much harder than I could of on my own, showed me exactly where I was going wrong in my technique. Looking forward to next weeks session

Robbo Carty

Thanks Matt! You're amazing. You've really helped me hit my goals of losing my unwanted belly fat and building muscle for my holiday! I could not have achieved my current level of fitness without your help.

James McCallum

Had my first session with Matt the other day and it was exactly what I was looking for. Someone to push me that extra mile to get better results. Can't wait for my next session #trainhard #goals #mattsmart

Aaron Mace

Another PT session with Matt last night....oh boy did he push us. Definitely keeps you motivated and pushes you beyond your limits! Matt is a super knowledgeable and friendly guy who isn't a robot! So you can have a laugh while you train hard! Look forward to the next session!

Scott B C Parsons

I've had this idea in my head for a long time, that I can get the typical body beautiful by just trying to eat the right stuff, but not really having the motivation to do much more about it! That's now totally changed since Matt Smart has stepped in. He's motivated me to really want to aim for those goals and focused my mind to in a way that it's honestly never been before. It's going to be a long road, but with Matt by my side, it's going to be a fantastic journey

Ryan Swann

I can thoroughly recommend Matt Smart Fitness. The workout and diet plans work like a treat. I could see changes after the first couple of weeks, I felt stronger and just felt better in myself all round. If you want to achieve your fitness goals choose Matt Smart Fitness!


Andrew As a man in my 50’s, a little overweight and not completely sure about how to lose weight efficiently, I was very pleased to have met Matt. Right from the start, he was truthful and honest with me regarding what I’d have to do to achieve my goals. He gave me the advice, motivation and tools I needed to kick start my fat loss journey. Thankyou Matt

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