Fit Club - group fitness classes

An intense, motivating and fun way to workout!

Group circuit training fitness classes are a great way to participate in structured physical activity in a fun and non intimidating environment incorporating a huge range of functional exercises designed to hit every muscle and boost your fitness.

Whether you’re coming to fit club on your own or with a group of friends, training with others is a proven motivator.

Fit Club Kenton features my 'South Coast Circuits' while Fit Club Broadclyst features HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Both classes are designed for beginners through to the highly experienced and are a great way to set yourself a challenge with your friends, burn calories, get fit and de-stress!

Lasting approx. 1 hour, your mind, body and spirit will be tested! Burning up to 750 calories in just one session alone, you’ll almost be able to watch the fat melt off!

We will be using equipment such as; kettlebells, medicine balls, boxing gloves and pads, skipping ropes and also utilizing your very own body weight. Fighting yourself back to your feet after challenging bodyweight exercises such as burpees, ladder sprints, press ups and planks.

Burn away that fat, challenge your heart rate and get into great shape. Every circuit session is designed to be different so to feel fresh and inspirational.  

At present I'm running Fit Club on Thursday evenings at Kenton Victory Hall and Tuesday evenings in Broadclyst but plan to offer classes at other locations in the future. 

Kenton victory hall fitness classes
Kenton Victory Hall all ready for Fit Club - South Coast Circuits

Current classes

Kenton Victory Hall
Address: Kenton Hill, Kenton, EX6 8JA
Type:Fit club featuring South Coast Circuits
Date/Time: Thursday evenings at 7pm (1 hour)
Availability: Yes
Cost: £6 per person
If you'd like to attend please give me a call or send me an email or you can just turn up on the night! 

Broadclyst - Sports Pavilions Playing Fields
Address: Holly Cl, Broadclyst, Exeter EX5 3JB
Type: Fit club featuring HIIT
Date/Time: Tuesday evenings at 7.45pm (1 hour)
Cost: £5 per person
If you'd like to attend please give me a call, send me an email or just turn up on the night!


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