Why use a personal trainer?

The question on many of your lips is… Why should I use a personal trainer? Here’s why…

Accountability – When you exercise alone it’s very easy to fall out of routine and abandon your fitness programme. A personal trainer will keep you accountable; he will teach you commitment and motivate you to stick to your exercise programme and nutritional regime.

Variety – A personal trainer will teach you a variety of exercises, keeping your routine fresh and exciting. It’s easy to fall into the same cycle of exercises and become bored of your training routine. A personal trainer will change exercises around and introduce new exercises that target the same muscle groups. This can also be applied to an exercise that you are struggling to perform. A variety of exercises will help you to remain focused.

Routine – A personal trainer is educated on the most effective ways to help you achieve your fitness goals. He will work with you to develop a routine that is tailored to all your needs. If you are a beginner a personal trainer will not expect you to train 6 days a week for 2 hours twice a day! He will help you to decide what your goal is, how long you can commit to your personal programme per week and will maximise your time spent with him.

Motivation – Having the motivation to exercise can be difficult to maintain when you are alone. Regular sessions with a personal trainer will help to enhance your motivation. Your personal trainer has the ability to believe in you, even when you don’t believe in yourself. He will push you to your limits and do everything he can to enable you to achieve your desired fitness goals.

Fresh and up-to-date perspective on health, nutrition and fitness – A personal trainer is passionate about their health and fitness levels, meaning they have a continuous professional development in terms of their knowledge of what is current within the industry.

Safety in technique and form – You can read all the fitness related magazines out there, but these do not replace having a personal trainer by your side teaching you the safe way to perform exercises. He will provide support with exercise technique and form by demonstrating the movement and watching you perform it, so he can correct any issues with posture or technique. This is highly important! Performing exercises incorrectly can increase risk of injury. Correct technique and form will help you to achieve your goals quicker, it will increase your strength and improve your posture.

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