3 Things to eat after a workout!

Almonds & Bananas - In need of a quick snack while you dash to work after the gym? Almonds are packed full of high quality fats to fight off hunger pains, boost your hormone levels and can promote weight loss! Include a banana in your post workout nutrition to replenish glycogen stores and to heighten your blood sugar levels.

Whole wheat wrap with chicken and veggies – Your body’s glycogen stores are used as fuel while you exercise, a Whole wheat wrap not only supplies the body with carbohydrates and fibre but also a protein source like chicken to help repair and build muscle. Added vegetables will provide your body with the vitamins and minerals it has just lost while sweating. Wraps are also portable, so can be taken anywhere you go.

The fantastic 4 - Super Smoothie – Smoothies have become very popular as they are very easy to prepare, cheap and time efficient! They should never be seen as a meal replacement, however they can be used against your daily calorie intake.
½ Avocado – Incredibly nutritious, more potassium than bananas and loaded with healthy fatty acids.
Frozen Berries – Packed with anti-oxidants, anti-cancer properties and a great source of fibre.
Protein Powder – The building blocks for your bones, muscles, skin and blood.
Greek Yogurt – Filled with probiotics, low in sodium and rich in amino acids.

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